Hey guys, I'm officially in Rome now. Unfortunately, it seems like things are going to be pretty hectic, and I might not have the opportunity to post regularly for this next quarter. But I will continue to read my favorite blogs, keep track, take lots of pictures, shop a lot, etc. I might post sporadically, but the best bet would be to check back in March. Have a wonderful couple of months!

What to Wear in the Air

Deciding what to wear for a long flight is always quite the conundrum. At least, it always is for me. As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I cringe at the thought of stepping off the plane looking wrinkled and frumpy or in a mess of sweats. Of course, nobody wants to be caught in a constricting and uncomfortable outfit on an airplane, where you’re already stuck in the same position for such a long time. So what’s a girl to do? Since I’m leaving tomorrow, I thought it was about time I figured something out.

The outfit that I put together [below] is both comfortable and stylish. Jeans (preferably with a wider leg) are the best bet for comfort without appearing slovenly, and I tried to find a pair that won’t stretch out too much with wear. I paired those with a cute blouse and a colorful cardigan to keep warm, and I tried to keep the jewelry to a minimum, since I wouldn’t want it getting caught on anything. The slingback heels are a testament to just how girly I am, but they are easy to slip on and off while on the plane. To complete the look, I added a roomy, patterned tote (for magazines, my iPod, some real food, etc.).

Argento Vivo Silver Etched Teardrop Earrings, $30.00 @ Bluefly
Semantiks Pleated Print Top, $54.00 @ Nordstrom
Cotton-Blend V-Neck Cardigan, $58.00 @ Banana Republic
Orla Kiely Etc. Shiny Laminated Stem Print Bag, $170.00 @ Shopbop
Nili Lotan Denim Wide Leg Pants, $281.00 @ Revolve Clothing
Delman Ronda, $70.99 @ Pepperlime

What do you think? What kind of outfit would you wear for a long flight?

What I Wore

Button-up - Mervyn's
Knit tank - Somewhere in Beijing, China
Necklace - Forever 21
Bracelets - Somewhere in Beijing, China
Watch - Forever 21
Leopard skinny belt - Gap
Wide-leg pants - Maurice's
Pumps - Charlotte Russe

My menswear-inspired look, put together from the clothes that I'm not packing for Rome.

Playing Dress-Up

This outfit is a great mix of glamorous and funky, pairing a sweet beaded dress and shimmer-y gold tights with funky accessories and bright, jewel-toned colors.

Sequin Glam Headband, $32.00 @ Free People
Mint Jodi Arnold Wool Twill Coat, $693.00 @ Net-A-Porter
Antik Batik Dotis U Dress, $290.00 @ My Wardrobe
Goldenbleu Jordan Patent Satchel, $522.00 @ Bergdorf Goodman
Square Enamel Bangle Set, $44.00 @ Bebe
Wolford Versaille Metallic Tights, $40.00 @ Searle
Vivienne Westwood Red Label Patent Leather Shoes, $590.00 @ Net-A-Porter

Finding Inspiration

Since nearly all of my New Year’s resolutions deal with the artsy side of things, I thought I’d take a look at what inspires me and where I find inspiration. Obviously, different people find inspiration in different things, but I think there are some general areas that anyone can look to.

Because I am interested in fashion as a career in the future, I find a lot of inspiration in looking at work by professionals, whether it’s the clothing, articles in magazines, blogs written by people in the industry, or books on fashion. Basically, I love anything that I can look at that teaches me more about any aspect of fashion.

I also love looking at my peers’ (i.e. other fashion bloggers) writing, opinions, and works. I feel like I learn just as much from them as I do from the professionals, especially in terms of thinking creatively. Other than blogs, I also enjoy perusing sites like Flickr and Etsy, because they exhibit so much creativity that I feel like they inspire me to be more creative.

But it isn’t just people that inspire me. Just looking at the world around me—nature, architecture, colors—gives me ideas for projects or makes me think about how to put together an outfit.

So what inspires you?

What I Wore

Headband - Claire's
Sweater - Banana Republic outlet
Tank top - Macy's
Houndstooth shorts - Forever 21
Tights - Ross
Boots - Fred Meyer

Since I spent all day at home packing for my trip, I didn't awear this outfit, per say. I actually just threw it together to see if I would wear the shorts if I brought them along. I decided yes. :o)

Fabulous Looks via Wardrobe Remix

These gorgeous girls from Wardrobe Remix are showing off the Pre-Fall full skirts trend!
Click here to see them on Flickr.

Get the Look

Here are some ways for you to get in on the full-skirt look, ranging from $20 to $450, depending on your price range.

Falling into Place

Although it seems that people are on the fence about Pre-Fall (and I partially agree), the clothes are still amazing. Case in point, after clicking through Diane von Furstenburg’s mini-collection, I put almost every outfit into my Pre-Fall 2008 Lookbook. But it wasn’t just DvF’s looks that I loved—try Peter Som for Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta (my favorite of the bunch), Versace, and more.

I particularly enjoyed the full, feminine skirts that showed up in several collections (best captured, in my opinion, by Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta). Below are some examples from Diane von Furstenburg, Burberry Prorsum, Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, Narciso Rodriguez, and Oscar de la Renta (all can be found on style.com).

That being said, this look [below] by Peter Som for Bill Blass is utter perfection.

What I Wore

Sweater - Maurices
Necklace - Forever 21
Skinny jeans - Aeropostale
Riding boots - JC Penny

Quote to Live By

Pack It Up

How and What to Pack for Your Trips

Granted, most people are probably on their way back from their travels, but this might be a good how-to for future reference. Plus, I’m leaving for the time of my life (so far) in 5 days, so packing has been on my mind. My personal predicament: what clothes to pack when you’re going on a study abroad program for 3 months (I’m going to Rome!).

The Essentials

1) Check luggage restrictions for wherever you’re going
2) Know what the weather is going to be like
3) Keep in mind how long your trip will last

The Basics

1) Have good-quality, recognizable suitcases (imagine grabbing the wrong bag, or having your 40+ pound bag lose a wheel, fall apart, etc.)
2) Conserve space as much as you can (for example, socks/underwear can get stuffed into shoes rather than take up more space on their own)
3) Pack mostly low-maintenance clothing (i.e. non-wrinkling, easy to air-dry)
4) Don’t over pack (7 pairs of heels for a 2-day trip might count as too much… so might 7 pairs of heels for 3 months, if that time is going to be spent walking around a mile everyday)

Tips and Tricks

1) Bring clothing that will be appropriate for the places you’ll visit (miniskirts and the Vatican do not mix)
2) Look into how the locals dress (you probably won’t be able to blend in completely, but at least you’ll have an idea of how everyone else is going to look)
3) Go for clothing that you can easily mix-and-match to maximize outfit potential (in other words, don’t bring the bulky chartreuse sweater if you only ever wear it with one outfit)
4) Cram in as many accessories as you can (jewelry, scarves, etc. are great ways to jazz up outfits and make them your own—plus, they take up so little space)
5) Remember that you’ll be able to shop while you’re at your destination (I plan to do lots of this—just make sure there’s room in your suitcase for the trip back)

Polaroid shot of girl holding red suitcase

What I Wore

I've enjoyed lurking around Wardrobe Remix on Flickr for quite some time, so I've finally decided to join in on the fun!

White dress - Target
Vest - Forever 21
Houndstooth tights - Target
Slouchy boots - Fred Meyer
Bracelet - Fremont Sunday Market (Seattle)

I love the idea of mixing contrasting pieces, so I think the vest and the houndstooth pattern work really well with the girly dress. (The bracelet is probably one of my favorite pieces of jewelry - I usually like bargaining for vintage pieces, but the old lady who was selling it was so tiny and cold that her entire body was quivering, so I paid the full $10.)

Steal a Piece of Sunshine – or is it Worth the Splurge?

I often experience love-at-first-sight with Catherine Malandrino’s designs, and her sunshine-yellow top [below, right] was no different. It’s so very sweet and feminine without relying on pinks or florals, and the color is absolutely amazing (especially for dreary winter days). Unfortunately, at almost $350, it’s a bit out of my price range.

If you love this top as much as I do and you’re in the same predicament money-wise, you’re (or rather, we’re) in luck! It turns out that Forever 21 has a similar, much-less-expensive top in stock [below, left] for about $23. Granted, there are differences in color (but only slightly) and shape, but given Forever 21’s past copycat problems, I’d say that’s probably a good thing.

In any case, the two tops (and their prices) are displayed below. You decide – splurge or steal?

Kavi Sleeveless Tunic, $22.80 @ Forever 21
Catherine Malandrino Cut-Out Trim Top, $345.00 @ Net-A-Porter

Saying Goodbye to Holiday Decorations

In my family, the Christmas decorations start going up just after Thanksgiving and most (mainly the tree) come down right after the New Year. Of course, some Christmas trees are easier to clean up than others. Below: a final farewell to holiday décor of 2007.

Crafty Christmas tree photos from Flickr
Click here to find them on Flickr.

Bringing on the New Year

Karl Lagerfeld photoshopped New Years photoCongratulations! You’ve made it through another year’s worth of holiday shopping and party hopping, great food and not-so-great weight gain, family time (quality and otherwise), and everything else that comes with every holiday season. Now it’s 2008, and you’re facing a brand new year armed with a hangover from last night’s bubbly and a bucketful of resolutions recycled from last year. I’m right there with you, and I say bring it on!

This year, I’m taking a different approach to the whole resolutions thing (and I invite you to join me, if you’d like). Rather than making a list of goals that I know will be abandoned very quickly (i.e. eat healthier, exercise more, start writing that novel, etc.), I’ll be focusing on the little things in life—the frilly things, if you will.

What I mean is, the frilly excesses in life are what make us happy from day to day. Waking up in the morning to a closet full of beautiful clothes, coming home to a fabulously-decorated home—these are the things that ultimately keep us happy, not eating only green things for lunch or being 2 pounds lighter than last year.My goal with Fashion Frills is to bring as much of these frilly things together as possible—fashion, shopping, home décor, and whatever else happens to tickle my fancy. I hope we’ll have lots of fun together, and happy New Year!

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